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Web 2.0 tools are very useful in today’s use of the internet. They have change the way we now communicate to other people as well as made our lives much easier when using different services. Web 2.0 tools have really changed the way I use the computer nowadays. I don’t use Facebook much, but when I do use it, I feel like theres a lot of communication and you are hearing the latest updates. The best thing about these social networks is you can always catch up with people and always be updated.

Social networks aren’t the only thing that have made the web a much easier service but also wikis such as wikipedia make researching for topics much easier. There is so much information, and it is a great way that people can interact and add bits of information to different topics. Wikipedia is also a really great source on telling me the latest gossip about celebrities and other interests.

This is the first time in using the web 2.0 technology of blogs. However, being the first time, I feel that its another great tool which you can interact with other people and share ideas and comment about different topics. I’m not a big fan of writing. However, I found blogging quite a good experience.

Tagging is also another great tool of Web 2.0. Tagging can expand on what you are looking for, such as articles or even blogs can have tags incorporated in them, so that way you can find more information on that topic at the time when only looking at one source. Tagging is also done in photos as well. This can give you new friends, as well as expand your communication even more.

I have just recent signed up with twitter. I feel twitter would be the better tool for sharing blog posts. What I have found of twitter so far is that it very much similar to Facebook and Myspace and everything. However, I feel that posting updates on twitter would be better for the blog. The layout of twitter firstly is set out so that it would suit the blog posting much better. I feel twitter is another great site which I’ll keep as a personal social network. It will be like a second Facebook. Twitter is also different by the way when adding a friend, instead of adding, you re actually following his/her stream of updates. Twitter is a great new tool for me, and I must keep exploring the site to et better at using it.