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Social Network sites are used everywhere around the world these days. Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn are just some social networking sites that are used for everyday personal life. Social network sites are used to keep in touch of friends and family which are on the other side of the world. These social network sites help letting other people know what is new about you as well as what you would be doing right now.

Social network sites these days are not only for just personal use but it is now also used by many organisations. Organisations use these social network sites to collaborate with one employee with another. Organisations also use social networking to gain credibility, build a forum for communication with customers, and in most cases, boost sales due to advertisements. Company employers are even going to sites like LinkedIn to get access to the almost 25 million resumés posted.

The benefits of using social networking sites is that companies can have a better connection with the customer, as well as be able to communicate a lot more with them. Other benefits such as improving relationships with employee to employee is also another great use of social networks. Social networks sites for a company can also give a customer background information of the organisation, which can then increase popularity of the organisation.

These are all very good benefits that social networking sites provide. However, they also have risks, such as security and leakage of information. This risk is caused by too much information given out by the social network site. This is by a employee or employer, placing a little to much information on the site. Another risk is also having another user creating another web page of that same organisation and maybe changing information about the business or also saying negative things on the web page for other users to see.

Some examples of companies that use social networking sites are American Red Cross which use a blog called the red cross chat. Another company is Coca-Cola which has a Facebook social networks (Sprite Sips and CokeTag) as well as a blog (Coca-Cola Conversations). Coca-Cola also utilizes virtual worlds on Second Life: Virtual Thirst and widgets, such as Coke Bubbles.

Pizza Hut uses social network pages such as Facebook to promote there pizzas. Google has several blogs, including their Official Blog and over 30 other corporate blogs. Google also has a You Tube video Google channel. There are many companies which use social networking sites and the link below provides some more examples of more companies using social networks.