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Through the weeks of completing each workshop activity regarding different aspects of Enterprise 2.0, it has given me a better perspective of how to use these tools in an effective way. Web 2.0 tools are now very important to use in everyday life. It helps by keeping the user more organised, connected and gives great credibility.

Web 2.0 tools over the weeks have made me want to explore more tools and try using them. This is a great way in knowing and building your knowledge of more tools due to organisation even to use web 2.0 tools. This will be handy in the future due to organisation relying more on web 2.0 tools and if this is the case, full time jobs in the future will have to use a lot of web 2.0 tools.

Through the weeks of accomplishing each workshop activity I feel much more confident as well on the use of each web 2.0 tool I use especially Twitter, due to having signed up for it at the beginning of the unit. I have found Twitter now, a great and handy little micro-blogging tool. Its works just like Facebook and MySpace however, can be used more as a blog.

I have found a few weeks ago a couple of web 2.0 tools which I have never used. I find these two sites very interesting and also very useful. The first site is called ‘My Yearbook’; this is a site which people finishing school or university student’s sign up for the site and met new people. This site is mainly used for making new friends in different areas as well as starting new relationships. I have found this site very fun and haven’t stopped using it.

The last site I also have found is a site called “Blog TV”, which is a site where people sign up and can also meet friends and met new people. However, I found this site having a little more twist in it. WordPress is a blogging platform website where you can write about personal experience or day to day events. However, Blog TV you can use webcam and produce your very own live blog and create a video archive of any event you have had or a personal experience. This is a great site in meeting new people and expanding your knowledge of topics of your interest.