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I have researched a company uses blogging tools to communicate with employees about what is going on in there shifts and the latest information released throughout their company. The company, Disney uses blogging tools to communicate to each other to past information on to one another. That is one great benefits that is working for Disney in a way that the employees coming off shift are communicating and tell the other employee coming on shift the latest new about the company.

However, there are risk to this, too many. Due to using web 2.0 tools, there are many risk, such as there are many hackers with use of public services like twitter and so on. There could also be a risk of to much information leaked out due to human error, or even a lack of mis understanding of who needs to know of that information.

Gov 2.0, what’s this mean? Gov 2.0 involves direct citizen interaction in conversations in government services and policies. This is done through all web base technologies such as Web 2.0 tools like blogging and wikis. By doing this the government is showing collaboration, openness and engagement to people everywhere in Australia.

The Victorian Public Service (VPS) is one of the services the government is enhancing by placing innovative practices into it. Some innovative aspects are ranging from the use of Twitter to keep the public informed during emergencies through to using Facebook to bring together small business owners and prospective owners for networking and information sharing.

The Victorian Government has also opened access to public sector information because of the 2009 Parliamentary Inquiry into improving connection to Victorian Public Sector Information. Opening up public sector information is a great benefit to increase interaction with the community and realise social benefits.