I find blogging quite a useful tool, by the way people can interact and give thoughts about different peoples opinions. It is a great way to also make new friends and can spread your relationships across the world. This is my first blog I have ever made and its a new experience. One which is very interesting. At first, I found it difficult to browse around this site, make posts and comments, however now, I’m finding it much easier.

I think blogging will be useful to me, specially when communicating to other students in the unit, Enterprise 2.0. I think I will make new friends and even learn some new things. I think blogging will also be very useful to me later on in life, due to perusing a job in the I.T industry.

I find think that community Sacha Chua is creating when just using her blog to talk about different topics is amazing. This is because it would of started as just a single webpage with very little posts and comments, and now looking at it now, it has so much information that she has developed as well as a great increase in how many people comment on her blog post. It really shows that she really uses her blogging site.

Here are some examples of some posts she has made regarding topics about Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.