Wikis; Future of Businesses

Posted: 06/09/2010 in Enterprise 2.0
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Wikis, they are tools which businesses rely on these days. They are a very important part of companies by the way employees and owners communicate and work with one another. For example, I recently research a company called Pixar, which is the iconic producer of animated films and have won several awards.

Pixar have use wikis internally to manage film production. Pixar have used wikis to help coordinate new computerized animation tools and helped employees communicate more effectively and interact with each other better. Wikis have helped Pixar create AND released a recent and successful film in 2008 called “WALL-E”.

There is also another similar case of a company also use wikis to help employees interact in projects and communicate more effectively. Red Ant is a web design firm based in Sydney that also uses wikis. It is not only for effective use for employees but also used to interact with there customers.

These two companies are only two examples of companies which are benefiting from the use of wikis. Wikis help collaboration of both employee to employee and also employee to customer as well. Wikis also help on informing people about new things as well as a great tool to use if there is a internal project need to be completed. Wikis are a great tool. However, with every 2.0 tools there are security risks in using them. Security is a big risk, also leaking a information is another issue. Wikis aren’t the only thing which have these issues, any new technology has risks to be attended to. Wikis are still a great tool.

I have recent tried using a wiki and found that it would be a great tool to use if a large business had a great deal of people working great distances away. This way using a wiki, it would solve the distance issue as well as employees having a great deal of flexibility and scalability. I found with a little use of the wiki I was using I had the presents of having spelling and grammar checks due to people editing my work as well as new users comments of new information they didn’t know. It was a great new experience of a use of a web 2.0 tool.

  1. tobycox says:

    Wikis are an excellent resource all round! But i dont think that they necessarily pose a huge risk to the organisation of appropriate measures are put in place to ensure their content cant be lifted. Having said this i dont think its ever possible to protect all of your content all of the time from someone who intends on acting maliciously. After all you need to be able to see the companies info to do your work each day, if one day you decide to take a USB drive to work and copy all of that and leak it then thats up to you, and your bosses legal team to destroy you!

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