Enterprise 2.0, Blogging for the Future!

Posted: 27/07/2010 in Enterprise 2.0
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I find blogging quite a useful tool, by the way people can interact and give thoughts about different peoples opinions. It is a great way to also make new friends and can spread your relationships across the world. This is my first blog I have ever made and its a new experience. One which is very interesting. At first, I found it difficult to browse around this site, make posts and comments, however now, I’m finding it much easier.

I think blogging will be useful to me, specially when communicating to other students in the unit, Enterprise 2.0. I think I will make new friends and even learn some new things. I think blogging will also be very useful to me later on in life, due to perusing a job in the I.T industry.

I find think that community Sacha Chua is creating when just using her blog to talk about different topics is amazing. This is because it would of started as just a single webpage with very little posts and comments, and now looking at it now, it has so much information that she has developed as well as a great increase in how many people comment on her blog post. It really shows that she really uses her blogging site.

Here are some examples of some posts she has made regarding topics about Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.



  1. Sacha Chua says:

    It gets even easier if you use a blog editor like Windows Live Writer to draft and publish your posts. Give it a try, and teach your classmates if you find it useful. =)

  2. Wan says:

    Hi, Interesting blog you have there. Anyway, I was wondering if you could also participate in Enterprise 2.0 forum. I have hosted a forum at (http://darulfaaizin.com/forum). Registrations are FREE and you can choose your own Avatars, username, password, polling services and more coming soon as part of our Perpetual Beta journey. The limits are endless. I encourage you including myself to make use of this Wiki to enhance our Collective User Intelligence and Rich User Experience by together, we are going to achieve and dominate this Enterprise 2.0 activities throughout this Semester. Your feedbacks are important to make this forum a success by posting it in Discussion,FAQs, etc. If you are interested to have RSS feeds in your Smartphones or blogs, you can enter this feed below:

    Main Enterprise Forum – http://darulfaaizin.com/forum/feed.php
    Active topics in the forum – http://darulfaaizin.com/forum/feed.php?mode=topics_active
    New topics in the forum – http://darulfaaizin.com/forum/feed.php?mode=topics

    If you are new using this forum (me too – never too old to learn!), don’t worry there’s a lot of useful information in the forum such as FAQ, Search and also there is some hints I will try to post under respective categories. There is nothing such as “Stupid questions”, so feel free to post anything that we feel benefit others and ourselves. There is also a video tutorial (step-by-step) how to go about this forum, which makes it more easier for us to master it , and of course I will also put a link with other communities (who are using this kind of platform to date) so that we are not alone. Consequently, we will live in a knowledge-based world of community.

  3. I agree with your post. Sacha’s blog is very scholarly and informative. It is also very dense in terms of the quantity of information available. I especially enjoyed how she has created interesting category buttons on the left side of her website. By the way, hi Sacha!

  4. calvynpark says:

    This is my first time really get into the blogging mode. Before this I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and find it rather suspense about what they do everyday. Like I’m looking through to Malaysia’s Top Blogger, Kenny Sia. He has a blogging career and also he travels to various countries for his work.

    By then, he posted up information about travelings and also what’s the current issue happening around. Blogging allows a person to express its feelings or what he thinks about almost anything. People that will comment when they have their own point of view and can share around. It’s exciting in another way!

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